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गुरुवार, 25 अक्तूबर 2012

रोग निवारक भक्तामर का श्लोक

 Improve quality of life

 To relieve pain & other symptoms

 To boost up the moral

 To alter the emotional attributes of disorder Acharaya Mantungaji expressed his love for god ,

which has formidably impelled him to compose the
48 verses (44 in Shwetamber).
 Bhaktamar is the most powerful tool of Jainism
which has solution to all problems faced by human
beings, if chanted methodically and with full belief. Prof. Herman Jacobi (Dr. Phil.) from Germany had

quoted in 1875, “ Among the almost numberless
productions of the ecclesiastical muse Maantunga’s
Bhaktamar Stotra has held during many centuries, the
foremost rank by the unanimous consensus of the Jainas.
And, it fully deserves its great popularity by its religious
pathos and the beauty of diction… Acharya Maantunga
writes in the flowery style of classical Sanskrit poetry.
Besides being a work of devotion, the Bhatamar Stotra
has also the character of a prayer for the help in the
dangers and trials under which men suffer. It is the
perhaps this particular trait which greatly endeared the
Bhaktamar Stotra to the heart of faithful”

.Udbhuta bhishana jalodara bhara bhugnah,
shochyam dasha mupagatas chuta jivitasha
Twat pada pankaja rajomrita digdha deha
Martya bhavanti dhvaja tulya rupa 45
उदभूत भीषण जलोदर भार भुग्नाः
शोच्यां दशा मुपगताश्चयुत जीवितशाः।
त्वत्पाद पंकज रजोमृत दिग्धदेहाः
मर्त्या भवन्ति मकर ध्वज तुल्य रूपाः।।
इस श्लोक को पूरे दिल दिमाग से प्रतिदिन नौ बार
पढ़े। पूरे ध्यान से एकाग्र होकर पढ़ेगे तो अवश्य परिणाम मिलेंगे।

 Persons ,bent down under the weight of horribly

risen dropsy, being in a pitiable plight and with lost
of hopes of life, attain equality with the cupid in
beauty by applying to their bodies the nectar of
pollen of your lotus like feet.

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